Paneer Rongini Kashmiri

Paneer – 150 gms

For Rongini Paste: 
Oil – 20ml
Garlic – 7gms
Onions – 1no.
Ginger – 5gms
Red Chili Paste – 20gms 
Coriander Powder – 12gms
Cumin Powder – 8gms
Turmeric Powder – 10gms
Kashmiri Chili Powder – 10 gms
Yellow Mustard Seeds – 5gms
Tomatoes – 200gms (de-skinned and chopped)
Green Capsicum – 30gms
Cashew Nuts – 50gms
Tomato Paste – 25gms


1.    Take the paneer and cut it into cubes.
2.    For the Rongini Paste, in a sauce pan, take oil, chopped garlic and sauté. Add sliced onions and little chopped ginger and sauté further. Add to it red chili paste, coriander powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder and kashmiri chili powder. 
3.    Cook for a few minutes and then add in the mustard seeds, tomatoes, chopped capsicum, cashew nuts, enough water to cook and a dash of tomato paste. 
4.    Cover and cook till the tomatoes are soft and season with salt.
5.    Allow to cool and the grind to a paste
6.    To make the gravy, take oil and butter in a pan and add to it the dried mustard leaves and the rongini paste. Toss in the paneer and mix without breaking the cubes.
7.    Allow to reduce a little and then add in the cream, pinch of salt and whole bay leaf.
8.    To serve, remove the bay leaf, toss in the shredded chicken.
9.    Garnish with little cream and serve with a warm roti or naan.