Entrecôte au Poivre

For the Steak:
Wagyu Beef Undercut – 250 gms
Cracked Pepper - 30 gms
Oil – 15 ml
Salt – 10 gms

For the Sauce:
Red Wine – 70 ml
Butter – 15 gms
Cream – 10 ml
Salt – to taste


1.    Trim off any fat from the undercut and cut it into a steak. Keep the trimmings aside for the sauce.
2.    Take the wagyu steak and sprinkle the salt and cracked pepper on both the sides. Press the cracked pepper in to the steak.
3.    To make the sauce, in a pan, melt the butter and brown the trimmings. De glaze the pan with red wine and allow the sauce to simmer. Add in the cream and let it reduce to a thick sauce consistency. Strain the sauce and adjust salt.
4.    To cook the steak, place a grill over a live fire and brush oil on it to prevent the steak from sticking. Cook the steak for equal time on both sides till you achieved your preferred doneness. 
(5 minutes on each side for Medium Rare and 7 on each side for Well Done)
5.    Once the steak is cooked, allow to rest open for 1-2 minutes before serving.
6.    Serve whole or sliced along with some grilled vegetables or hand cut fries and the sauce.